Faced with revolting presidential choices and heaps of abuse from the establishment DNC, progressives and Sanders holdouts were on the lookout for solutions.

We had seen articles suggesting the 12th Amendment might hold a clue to our dilemma. It was Erik who decided to pick up the ball and execute on the idea.

What happens when no candidate reaches the 270 Electoral College Votes?

If no candidate receives a 270 vote majority, the House has to choose a President, in the brief window in January between when they take office (Jan 3) and Inauguration Day (Jan 20). In this election, they are limited to choosing from among the top three candidates in the Electoral College. (read more)

Once denied the 270, how do we know the GOP-lead House will not select Trump or Hillary?

If the GOP-led House picks Trump, their party will not survive the mid-terms #RIPGOP.

If the House selects Hillary, the GOP base will abandon them in droves with the same effect. That will leave only one other choice.

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