Adria Draft
(Election Justice Live Stream)


I've stayed awake on many nights since the primaries pondering on what to do, on who to try to elect. I didn't ever expect a "perfect" system, but damn this is just absurd!Looking at one huge, steaming turd-pile on the right and one giant, stinking shit-pile on the left, I find myself bereft of any ability to see how either nominee could possibly make for a better tomorrow! A guy who is, on a good day, all show with no substance to back it up in any way. A woman who not one, single, person can say won the nomination fairly at all. A man who will call Muslims, Latinos, war heroes, the handicapped, and women names he should be ashamed to speak. A woman proven, by the DNC leak, to have zero respect for democracy or a fair election process. What, on Earth, would possess me to advocate, support, or even consider getting behind either of these proven liars, when this requires that I ignore my core values, gut instincts, and all the knowledge I've acquired?!

After thorough contemplation and endless hours researching every little thing and then some, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot accept this illusion in which these two awful contestants are my only choices! Nope! There are other voices in this race, dammit, and the one most Americans wanted did NOT quit! This tidbit, the FEC has verified. The establishment lied to us, once again!

I believe in empowering women, of course, but they're not going to extract my endorsement by force! Two worse candidates, in my lifetime, I haven't seen! I mean that with every fiber of my soul, and based on the exit poll intel... Well, let's just say a majority agrees with me! Recently, the NY Times reported that a mere 9% of eligible voters wanted

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