1. Write-in votes do not count, aren't counted, aren't valid, will be thrown out, are a wasted vote.
  2. Bernie is not a candidate anymore, he dropped out, he forfeited.
  3. Bernie votes go to Hillary
  4. Bernie doesn't want to run
  5. This will help get Trump elected
  6. This will take votes away from Stein
  7. We can't get enough votes for this to work
  8. Congress will choose Hillary
  9. Congress will choose Trump
  10. Bernie abandoned/betrayed us
  11. Sheepdog Argument


  1. In some states a write-in vote will not count. That's why we don't recommend write-ins on those states. But, there are several states where write-ins do count. You can find a list of the write-in states here.
  2. It doesn't matter if Bernie is not running. It makes no difference. The laws in some states allow you to vote for anyone you want regardless of whether they know about it or not, or whether they filed paperwork or not. In Wyoming, for example, the deadline for filing your paperwork is 2 DAYS AFTER the election!!! We are drafting him!
  3. If your write-in votes would go to Hillary, then why are so many people afraid that writing in Bernie will cause Trump to win? If this is true, we should have no fear and ALL write-in Bernie!! But no, that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Why would they go to Hillary? Would a write-in vote for Captain Crunch go to Hillary? How about Roger Rabbit?
  4. If Bernie doesn't want to run, why did he? Of course he wanted to run, and of course he wanted to win. He would have never run if that weren't the case. The only reason he gave up is because the DNC cheated him and he knows that it's pointless to fight it. All that would happen is that the lawsuit would take so long that Hillary would win and then be sworn in. Look at Al Gore. He actually beat bush. They recounted the votes and it's a fact that Al Gore won and who did we end up with for four years?
  5. It will NOT help Trump get elected as long as we don't write-in Bernie in any swing states where Hillary is barely going to win. Splitting the vote in those states WILL help Trump win. But a write-in vote for Bernie in a state where the Democrats outnumber the Republicans by more than 2 to 1 will NOT help Trump since Trump has absolutely NO chance of winning those states even if Bernie and Hillary split the vote 50/50. Please read The Truth About Nader.
  6. This is not taking any votes away from Stein. Everyone who will switch to Stein already has. Nobody else is going to switch to Stein. This is only going to take votes away from Hillary. And if you guys were smart enough to work with the Bernie people instead of fighting with them, you could probably get a whole lot more votes for Stein by devising a plan where all the Stein supporters vote for Bernie in the write-in states in exchange for all the Bernie people voting for Stein in all the non-write-in states.
  7. We are targeting the states where we CAN get enough votes for this to work.
  8. Congress will not choose anyone because that's not the law. The law is that the House of Representatives will choose. And if the House liked Hillary so much, why do they keep trying to prosecute her for everything? Obviously they HATE Hillary and WILL NOT choose her. And by the way, the entire Republican Party hates Trump too!
  9. Congress again? Google is your friend, please use it. Again, the entire Republican party hates Trump and they did everything they could to stop him from becoming the nominee. They just failed miserably. But they know that if they choose Trump, they will be blamed for every screwup he makes for the next 4 years. And we all know that there will be many. They believe (and are right about it) that Trump is destroying the Republican party.
  10. Bernie did not abandon or betray us. He had no choice. He couldn't fight them or they would destroy his political career and he would no-longer be able to fight for us. He just doesn't believe he could win if he ran as an independent. we believe he is wrong.
  11. The, "Sheepdog Argument" argument is not something that Bernie planned or was involved in. It's not something anyone plans. It's just what tends to happen every 4 years because it does. There will always be a large spectrum of candidates where some loose, and then their supporters have to coalesse to the candidate who won. Only this time the candidate who won, didn't win. she cheated. If she didn't cheat, all of her supporters would have had to coalesse to Bernie.
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