Understanding the Electoral College

As we know, each state has a certain number of electors. California has 55, while Vermont has 3.

But here are a few questions: Who are these electors? Where do they come from? What makes them vote how we want them to vote?

When you vote for president, you aren't actually voting for the president. You are voting for Presidential Electors.

In each state there are Presidential Elector Candidates whom we are voting for. These Presidential Elector Candidates are actually running for office in your state. But, they run as a group. Since California has 55 Presidential Electors, there needs to be 55 Presidential Elector Candidates.

But when you vote, there aren't 55 Presidential Elector Candidates on the ballot. It would be way too long and nobody would remember all their names.

So instead, 55 Presidential Electors pledge themselfs to a Presidential Candidate. That way we put just one name on our ballot and make one vote in order to vote for ALL 55 at the same time.

So, the Republicans have 55 Presidential Elector Candidates and if you vote for Trump, you are actually voting for Trump's 55 Presidential Elector Candidates. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary's 55 Presidential Elector Candidates. A vote for Jill or Gary is a vote for their respective 55 Presidential Elector Candidates.

And now, because we have signed up 55 Presidential Elector Write-In Candidates for Bernard Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard (VP) in California, you will be able to write-in Bernard Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard (VP) in California to vote for these 55 Presidential Elector Candidates. If they get enough votes, then THEY will go to Sacramento and, together with the Presidential Electors from all the other states, vote for our next president.

So, if Hillary's electors win, they will obviously vote for Hillary, since they are her electors. If Trump's electors win, they will vote for Trump. If Bernie's electors win, they WILL vote for Bernie.

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