Understanding the Electoral College

As we know, each state has a certain number of electors. California has 55, while Vermont has 3.

But here are a few questions: Who are these electors? Where do they come from? What makes them vote how we want them to vote?

When you vote for president, you aren't actually voting for the president. You are voting for Presidential Electors; (P.E.)

In each state there are P.E. Candidates we are voting for. These P. E. Candidates are actually running for office in your state, but they run as a group. California has 55 Presidential Electors sworn for each Candidate.

When you vote, those 55 P. E. Candidates aren't on your ballot. It’s too difficult to remember their names; instead those 55 P.E's pledge themselves to a Presidential Candidate. That candidate’s name appears on your ballot and a vote for that person is a vote for the P.E's.

The Republicans 55 P.E's represent Trump. The Democrats 55 P E.'s represent Hillary. Voting for Jill or Gary is a vote for their 55 P.E. Candidates.

We have just completed the process of signing up 55 Presidential Elector Write-In Candidates in California; whom are sworn to Bernard Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard (his VP). We are thrilled to announce you will be able to write-in Bernard Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard in California for the Nov. 8th general election! Their names won’t appear on the ballot, due to the late application. The official date of state notification is 10/28/16. If Bernie gets enough votes, his P.E.'s will go to Sacramento and vote for him in our electoral college. The P.E.'s from other states, also vote in this manner. California is a winner take all state. Bernie must receive the most votes to be in our electoral college. Obviously, the candidate with the most votes will go one to be considered for president. CA belonged to Bernie all along. Let’s make it happen without the fraud this time around!

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