Truth Bomb: The Case Against

Write In Bernie

Mission: The goal of this document is to shed light upon the obvious evidence that supports the idea that the Bernie Write In Movement is a strategic way to rob the progressives of their votes and thwart any third party from challenging the corrupt two party system.

The Motive of the Write In Bernie Movement:

* Make voting as confusing and convoluted as possible

* Play on Bernie Sanders supporters emotions

* Steal votes away from Jill Stein

* Prevent the Green Party from obtaining 5 percent

* Deny the Green Party millions of dollars in grant $$

* Get ballots tossed including Berniecrat down-ballot

* Ensure a Hillary win

* Oligarchy thwarts opposition by true progressives

* Oligarchy remains in power

The suspects pushing the agenda:

*Hillary Super Pac Control the Record trolls

*Hillary Super Pac Priorities USA Action trolls

*Garden Variety Criminals

*Trolls who enjoy trolling

*Innocent friends and family who have fallen for the scam

Links to Hillary Super Pacs:

You Tube of Priority USA Action: Notice how they are using the Fear Trump ploy.

Funding for Priorities Action USA: Soros is on the list

Funding for Correct the Record: Names of Paid trolls and their salaries and expenses


Easy to use CTR Troll Spreadsheet created by a friend using the payroll info of CTR and Priorities Action USA. Additional trolls are listed at the bottom of the sheet.

Articles and information Explaining the Corruption of Hillary Super Pacs that fund trolls:

(Cont.) Articles and information Explaining the Corruption of Hillary Super Pacs that fund trolls:


Professional Trolls that are using emotion to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters. Some are even asking for money:

Ring leaders:

Large Ring of Bernie Write In Pages: (most interconnect)

(Cont.) Large Ring of Bernie Write In Pages:

Other Trolls: (Maybe small-time)

Go Fund Me Accounts for Write In Bernie: Another sure sign of a scam is when they ask you for money. This is nothing short of criminal.

Non-Facebook Websites Pushing Scam:

In California they are going far overboard on this scam. No doubt Hillary is afraid of the power of California and is looking to derail Jill Stein who is gaining steam here:

In Vermont there is a very strong push for Write In Bernie as Well:

Famous words of Trolls: An exercise in Creative Writing

Troll Dave Johnson's latest attempt to persuade:

IT'S NOT EASY being Green. You may have noticed a tremendous influx -- a virtual sewage seepage actually -- of Green Party squawking & jaundiced Jill-Jumper jabbering peppered all across this Page. We're taking it down (and eternally blocking people) as swiftly as we can. These people are not our friends; they are not our allies in any sense; they just know how to make noise like a stuck frog when the truth is told. The true progressive candidate is Bernard Sanders. Return to your sewer, Green Party propagandists. This is NOT your Page -- and never will be. :(

((Insert picture of Kermit the Frog here))

Creative Scripts by Troll T. Scott Brineman:

Articles and videos that oppose Write in Bernie:

(Cont.) Articles and videos that oppose Write in Bernie:

The Most Confusing Plan Ever: A recipe for disaster. Sadly this guy is a Green Party candidate, and seems like a great guy. His plan, however, is destined to fail.

What can we do to stop the spread of the Write in Bernie cancer? Here is one idea:

Step 1 – Infiltrate votetheblock by sending an e-mail to:

I recommend using a new e-mail and putting a fake name on it. Alternately you can use your own e-mail. Here is a template message for what you can write when you volunteer, but it’s better if you write your own.

Hey, I was a Berner and I heard about the write-in, how can I help?

-____ <-Name

Step 2 – If they respond with an e-mail, it will have a personalized link to If you have a VPN and want to mask your IP, you should turn it on. If you don’t have a VPN and would like one to help protect your location and identity, I recommend Astrill for ease of use:

Step 3 – Once you click through, you’ll see a web site with a phone number. It will look something like this:

Step 4 – Call the number listed and use the replacement script for Jill Stein below:

Hi! My name is ___________ and I am calling as a volunteer for the Jill Stein campaign. We are conducting a survey about the presidential election.

Are you a Jill Stein fan?

Who are you voting for?

(Anything other than Jill Stein) Are you happy voting for

_______ or would you prefer to vote for someone else?

(Yes I’m happy and NOT writing in Bernie) Ok. Thank you for participating in our survey.

(Not happy). Did you know that if neither Hillary or Trump reach 270 electoral votes, the House of Representatives will choose our next President from the top 3 candidates?

(Planning to write-in Bernie) Unfortunately, officials in Vermont recently told Snopes that: “write-in votes in their state would not default to selecting electors for Bernie Sanders, because he did not declare himself a general election candidate there.” Even if you do write-in Bernie Sanders, the electorate does not have to represent him, and will more than likely end up going to Hillary Clinton.

There are some major issues this cycle that aren’t being addressed, may I ask if anyone in your family has continuing medical needs, is having difficulty finding jobs, is burdened by student loan debt, or what your stance on fracking and big oil are?

(Medical) Jill Stein wants to establish a Medicare for All single-payer public health program, with no co-pays, premiums or deductibles, including mental, dental, and vision for everyone, with no exceptions.

(Jobs or Fracking/Oil) Jill Stein will create a Green New Deal

which will provide millions of jobs as we transition America away from oil and wars for oil, towards 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit, sustainable agriculture, and conservation.

(Loan Debt) Jill Stein will cancel all student loan debt via quantitative easing, the same way that America already bailed out the crooks on wall street that did so much damage to our economy.

(Wrapping up) If Jill Stein wins just one state, and neither Hillary or Trump reaches 270 electoral votes, the House has to choose between Trump, Hillary, and Jill Stein. We know that the Republican controlled House can’t stand Trump or Clinton, so there’s a very good chance they might choose Jill. Jill Stein is the only candidate still running in this election who is on the ballot in most States and is against the Trans Pacific Partnership, otherwise known as the TPP, which will export U.S. jobs to foreign countries similar to how NAFTA shifted American jobs to Mexico.

(Continue talking for a bit and see if they want to volunteer to help make phone calls and learn more about our plan.)

If they would like to volunteer, tell them to go to

Step 5 – Mark down your call as anything other than “Hung up” or “Not Voting” to remove it from circulation. Go back to Step 1. ;)