Operation Deny 270

Operation deny 270 ( Op Deny 270) mission is to promote and explain our plan to deny Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from getting 270 electorial votes in the general election. We also would like to see Bernie Sanders become president.

This can be achieved by writing in Bernie Sanders, and Bernie winning a few electorial votes, and dening them both 270,, thus forcing a House of Representatives vote between the top 3 people with electorial votes. We also encourage people to vote for Jill Stein in all the other states where she is on the ballot. Jill Stein is on the ballot in many of the same states that allow you to write in Bernie Sanders ( no registration required, and legal) This point has caused alot of contention from Jill Stein supporters. Jill will receive enough votes in all the non write in states for Bernie, to qualify for Federal Funding.

We believe in a House Vote, they would never pick Jill. Where as Bernie has a very good chance at being picked over Clinton and Trump. Why may you ask? do we believe Bernie would win house vote? Many Republicans have said they like Bernie and think he is Honest and trustworthy.Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party. They do not want to be responsible for being the ones, who put him in the white house.

Everyone also knows that Bernie Sanders was cheated and forced out of the nomination by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Through their election rigging, election fraud,vote stealing, collusion with the media,purposeful closing of polling places, purging voter rolls of Bernie supporters.Changing the rules at caucus( Nevada)and not honestly conducting them fairly, etc.

He would have beat Trump by a double digit landslide.He also would have brought in many young voters and independents into the Democratic party, and the voting process. Hillary Clinton has many scandals, and also some health issues. WikiLeaks is coming out with more damaging material, and there is much more yet to be released before the election. Trump also has many issues with his past as well. We believe by the time of the house vote, the only safe,logical,good,solid option between the 3 choices will be Bernie Sanders.

There are 10 states where you may legally write in Bernie Sanders. YES, it is legal in those states, and YES, they do count write in votes. These states are,,,, ALABAMA,VERMONT,OREGON,WASHINGTON,NEW HAMPSHIRE,RHODE ISLAND,IOWA,PENNSYLVANIA,WYOMING,NEW JERSEY California is pending( getting 55 electorates signed up, who can then make Bernie Sanders a write in candidate.

We know Bernie could easily win Vermont and secure 3 electorial votes. But the rest of the states would have to play out exact in order for him to deny them both 270 in that scenerio.He would have a better chance of denying them, if he won another couple of states. We believe the next best state Bernie could win in is, Washington where he won the Democratic caucus by 72.7 percent. Oregon is the next state we think Bernie could possibly win. Many, many republicans like him as well. He gets alot of republican votes in Vermont. Bernie also has very good chances in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Wyoming also may be a good state for Bernie.We also think he could do well in Iowa and maybe Pennsylvania, but those 2 are swing states.Trump is turning people away with his horrible comments every day. Many republicans may choose to write Bernie in over Voting for Trump. We encourage as many people as possible to write Bernie in the state of Alabama.And then last state is New Jersey.

Also we are promoting that you vote for who you want, and not out of fear of choosing between 2 evils. Vote or write in the person you know deep in your heart is good and who is best and fit to be president. Take a chance, because the alternative of a Clinton or Trump presidency is nightmarish.America loses if either one of them becomes president. You do not have to go with one bad apple over another. You can take a chance and dump the rotten apple cart.Forcing a house vote, that at the very least, shows the establishment the people still have a voice. ( a voice that was silenced by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party) Hillary Clinton lied and cheated and does not deserve to be president. She is a republican acting neo con warhawk and friend to big banks, wallstreet,and corporations.The Clinton foundation is corrupt, and has many scams going like pay to play,, and taking money from many foreign goverments of questionable integrity. Many more reasons could be listed for why she is unfit. ( hope to have section and links on why they are both unfit to be president) Trump is just as much a pathological liar as Clinton. They are both millionares who only care about rich people and corporations. Neither one has a clue or cares about real working people and what it's like to survive on lowe wages with hign housing ,food, power,insurance,medical care,school loans. 75% percent of Americans are in a perpetual cycle of debt, and barely making it by, check to check with little to no savings. And every year the bills get higher, wages stay same, and they cut benefits hurting you more. How would Clinton have a clue,, she never has any rally's with real people. She spends all her time at rich people's houses doing fund raisers. Trump is just as out of touch with normal people.

We have a chance,, it may be small. Do not vote out of fear,, vote with your heart for your children, for your future. Write in the man that you know is the best one to be president. Let them know we will not be silenced, and we meant it when we voted for Bernie in the first place, and that Corrupt Hillary Clinton and DNC stole our voice, and denied us the rightful and clear winner Bernie Sanders, who should have been the nominee. Bernie is the only good honest choice. And YES , you do have a choice and a voice. Make it loud and clear,,,when you first said Bernie or Bust did you mean it? When you said and showed that Bernie was the candidate you picked last spring,, did you mean it??? Can you go into the voting booth with a coinscience and seriously vote for Hillary Clinton after what she did to us? Can you seriously go in and cast a vote for that disgusting horrible man Trump? Yes Jill Stein is , compared to the other 2, a much better choice. But deep down do you realy want Jill,, or is she someone your settling for. Yes,, Jill is the only decent choice in all the other states where you cannot write Bernie in. But in those 10 states, where you can use your voice, and vote for the man you love,respect and really trually want to be your president. Then i advocate you vote for who you really want to be president and not settle out of fear or feeling like there is no hope, no chance. There is hope, there is a chance,,it can happen if we stand up and deny Clinton and Trump 270 And then demand the house vote for the man who should have been the nominee and candidate in the first place.

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