Real Progressive Against Op Deny

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# Real Progressives against OpDeny.

Argument #1....
... Electors don't have to vote how they promise to vote. (-11:10)
(So, then how can we know that Jill's electors are actually going to vote for Jill?)
"Yes. We don't vote for the president, we vote for the electors. I am a Presidential Elector Write-In Candidate in California and a True Bernie Supporter and I WILL be voting for Bernie if we win."

Argument #2....
... It won't work because California has 55 electors and Wisconsin has 3.
(What the hell is she talking about? How does this have anything to do with why OpDeny won't work?)
(Wisconsin DOES NOT have 5 times the power as California. She's very confused. EACH vote in Wisconsin has 5 times the power as EACH vote in California)
(And, this has absolutely nothing to do whether OpDeny will work or not.)

Argument #3....
... We're up against a machine (-8:17)
(Well, if we don't have a chance, why bother voting for Jill then? We might as well all give up now.)
(What kind of bullshit is that? I'm not giving up just because the Clinton machine is as powerful as it is. I don't care. It's not over until November 8th, and I hope that you keep fighing until then. Better yet, keep fighing after the 8th.)

Argument #4....
... What's either to erase? A write-in, or an actual vote for an actual candidate (-8:04)
(In the computers, it's easier to flip actual votes because they are counted by the computer. Write-in votes are hand counted and there WILL be people watching them count. There are many groups out there ensuring that this will happen. And I hope that YOU ALL have volunteered to be a part of it. If you haven't, please google Citizens Oversight and volunteer to help.)

Argument #5....
... When you vote green, all we need is 5% of the popular vote.
(Uhh, so she admits that Jill is going to lose? They're acctually fighting this hard just to get 5% when they already know they're going to lose? Is that what she's saying? Bernie CAN win a few states, and Jill CAN'T win a single state. So she's going to make an effort, by creating this video, to prevent Bernie from winning a couple of states so that Jill can get 5% and thus guarantee that either Hillary or Trump will be our president? REALLY? Is that what she's saying here?)

Argument #6....
... Is it like maybe just maybe it would split our votes in half?? (-5:22)
(Or maybe, just maybe it will take a ton more votes away from Hillary than it will take away from Jill. Maybe, just maybe, this girl doesn't realise that there are a whole lot more Bernie supporters who will be voting for Hillary because they are afraid of Trump than there are Bernie supportes who will be voting for Jill.)

Argument #7....
... Is Bernie going to get enough to combat a winner take all state? (-4:10)
(Yes. This winner take all deal is NOT a reason why this won't work. It's actually a reason why it will. All Bernie has to do is win the majority of the votes in Vermont and he WILL win ALL the delegates in Vermont and take ALL those delegates away from Hillary.)

Argument #8....
... Is Jill? (-3:54)
(She admits again that Jill doesn't have a chance of getting even a single state!!! So, she is making an effort to prevent Bernie from winning any states at all when he truly has a chance of winning at least 1, and possibly a few all beause she wants to reach 5% for Jill? Does Jill truly need a few votes from Vermont to reach that 5% that she so desperately needs? Is it really that close? Is she really that desperate?)

Argument #9....
... And, if we unite our two movments. (-3:49)
(Uhh, wait, didn't she just say that we're working for Hillary? Uhh, this doesn't make any sense at all. Is she saying that the Hillary people are goin g to unite with the Jill people? Her whole argument was based on the OpDeny people working for Hillary. Is she saying that they're working for Hillary or not? Now I'm totally confused.)

Argument #10....
... Term limits. (-2:38)
(Do you truly believe they won't just rotate around from position to position? These people who are in control understand the system and term limits wo n't solve anything. The ONLY solution is to do watever we can to prevent Hillary AND Trump from winning and that means that we need to make 100% sure that neither of them reaches 270 electoral votes. And together we CAN do that. We NEED to work together to win a few states for Bernie and a few for Jill. It is the ONLY way.)

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